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The football pitch of dreams

We need your support!  We need to collect PLN 54 120.00 for the children to play their first match in the spring 2021 :)

There is a place where time stopped a long time ago, in the 70's of the last century. There is nothing but concrete around, no prospects for the joy that sport gives children, physical activity, petty competition and pride in winning.

There are children who dream of a real football pitch, 200 m2 of new surface, thanks to which they will develop better, will have a place to spend their free time.

This place is the Special Educational Center in Joniec. There is a boarding school for children and young people with mild and severe disabilities. Half of the students spend their time here from Monday to Friday - it is their second home, a place to rest, play, do homework and rehabilitate.

Sport is extremely important in their development, acquiring certain social and physical skills. Currently, they basically have nowhere to play football, they don't know what it means to throw into the basket ..... We want to change that! We collect for a new pitch, for a new, safe surface. For a new quality.

Educational activities

We support young people in providing equal educational opportunities and developing their various passions. This school year we've got 40 pupils for different additional activities.
Everyone can contribute to their development. Each, even small payment is an opportunity to provide another lesson in speech therapy, sensory integration, learning English, judo, dance, learning to play the piano or clarinet.
The average cost of one class is PLN 40,00-50,00

Children’s center renovation

Support our new renovation project. In Pruszków, at Szkolna Street there is a Special Educational Center for Children. This is an orphanage for children with various types of difficulties, deficits, and slight disabilities. They are looked after by the wonderful Samaritan Benedictine Sisters.
The aim of the campaign is to collect PLN 5,000 for the purchase of paints and the necessary accessories to refresh the rooms. This place replaces the children's homes, this is a place where they spend all their time now ……
The rooms are waiting for painting and the reception of new children in need.


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