April 2015 – HOW WE HELPED:

ASSISTANCE TO NEW FAMILIES: Each month we evaluate application forms of new families, we visit them, discuss the issues, their situation, material status, ask about their expectations. In April, 5 such families with many children joined the club. We supported them through: - purchasing food, home care products, basic cosmetics, bedding and towels  -  purchasing foot wear, clothes for children – purchasing school accessories. Moreover, in April we provided goods to the families we have been supporting on regular basis since last year.

ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN: Currently we are taking care of 43 children who can attend various types of extra classes, due to the support we provide. In April, a boy, exceptional talented in music, joined the group and we are going to finance his piano lessons. 

ACTIVATING PARENTS!: According to our Statute, we also help out parents to reach professional qualifications in order to increase their opportunities in job seeking. In April two persons we are in charge of started their driving courses and massage classes. Finger crossed for their exams:)