The core objective of the Foundation is to assist children and youth facing up life and material difficulties, as well as provide them with equal opportunities and support their parents, guardians and organizational units, holding the statutory goals that are concurrent with the goal of the Foundation, e.g. orphanages, single mother houses, nursing homes.

The goals are implemented through:
  1. Ensuring direct and indirect aid in kind, financial and organization support delivered to natural persons and legal entities, including:
    a. co-financing of orphanages, single mother houses/ shelters, nursing homes
    b. carrying our repair works in nursing center, orphanages, single mother houses,
    c. carrying our repair works in houses/ apartments belonging to families who are in difficult life situation, 
    d. purchasing equipment provided for facilities set out in items b) and c) (including furniture, household appliances and audio & video devices, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom fittings),
    e. purchasing schoolbooks and scientific aid provided for children and youth from poor families,
    f. purchasing clothes, foot wear provided for poor families,
    g. purchasing food for families who are in difficult life situation,
    h. financing and co-financing summer and winter holidays provided for children and youth from families who are in difficult life situation,
    i. financing and co-financing extra classes addressed to children and youth within the equal opportunity program, covering foreign languages, sports activities, art and music classes
    j. meal sponsoring in schools/ pre-schools/ day cares.
  2. Initiating and arranging actions aimed at collecting funds to be delivered to the Foundation, including, most of all, exhibitions, show, lectures, auctions, fund raising. 
  3. Organizing, bolstering and co-financing charities, art events, private views, exhibitions and concerts as well as trainings, symposia, conferences and sports events, in line with the statutory goals of the Foundation. 
  4. The Foundation may implement the statutory goals through membership in organizations featuring the objectives that remain in compliance with the statutory goals of the Foundation.