Website’s Privacy Policy 

Website’s Privacy Policy

I. General information 

  1. The Website’s Operator  shall be Formika for Children Foundation, with the registered seat in Brwinów, Świętego Jerzego Street 9, 05-808 Brwinów,  hereinafter referred to as the Foundation.
  2. The Foundation, as the entity conducting the website, shall  protect the confidentiality and information delivered by the Website’s Users, to name their personal data, in particular. 
  3. The Foundation shall not disclose data provided by the Users to the third parties, except for the following data:
    • delivered to the entities cooperating with the Foundation in relation to the Website’s functionalities, hereinafter referred to as „Partners”, 
    • in the cases set forth in legal regulations, if such disclosure is considered mandatory. 

II. Data in the application form,

  1. Users provide the Foundation with personal data freely and voluntarily.
  2. Upon making a donation to the Foundation, the User shall deliver his/her (obligatory) personal data: first name, last name and email address. 

Other personal data may be disclosed voluntarily.

  1. Failure to provide mandatory personal data shall be recognized as a withdrawal from process of making a donation to the Foundation and unavailability to proceed it through the Website. 
  2. Upon making a donation through the Website, the User shall agree for processing his/her personal data by the Foundation, within the meaning of Art. 6, item 1, letter A of GDPR. 
  3. After typing and confirming of personal data, the User shall be redirected to the external platform belonging to the Foundation’s Partner to complete the payment. 
  4. The Foundation shall process personal data of the Users solely for the purpose of proper handling of the Website and in relation to statutory activities  of the Foundation as well as to conduct all charity actions thereby. Due to these actions, personal data of the Users shall be delivered to the Partners.
  5. The Foundation shall ensure that the Partners process the data handed over by the Foundation only to perform agreements and commitments they are mutually bound with, respecting the personal data protection laws.

III. Cookies policy

  1. The Website shall not gather automatically any information, except for information contained in the cookies files.
  2. Cookies files („cookies”) shall be IT data, including particularly text files, that shall be stored in the terminal equipment  of the Website’s User and provided for webpages of the Websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the webpage, they come from, storage time at the terminal equipment   and the unique number. 
  3. The entity uploading cookies to the terminal equipment  of the Website’s User and having access to them shall be the Website operator: 
  1. Cookies will be applied for:
    • adjusting  the content of Website’s webpages to the User’s preferences and optimizing the usage of webpages; these files, in particular, enable to recognize the equipments of the Website’s User and display a proper webpage, matching its individual needs;
    • establishing statistics that contribute to understand how Website’s Users handle webpages, allowing for enhancement of their structure and content; 
    • maintaining  session of the Website’s User (after logging in), thanks to which the User doesn’t have to type the login and password on each subpage of the Website;
  2. The Website has been applying the following types of cookies:
    • „essential” cookies enabling to use the services available within the Website, e.g. credential cookies used for services requiring authorization within the Website;
    • cookies ensuring security, e.g. used for detecting violation of authorizations within the Website;
    • „performance” cookies allowing for collecting information on how to use webpages of the Website;
    • „functional” cookies, enabling to „save” settings selected by the User and personalize the User’s interface, e.g. referring to the language or region, the User comes from, font size, page layout, etc.;
  3. Within the four categories, specified hereinabove, cookies have been split into: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, stored in the terminal equipment of the User until logging out, leaving the webpage or turning off the software (browser).  Persistent cookies are stored in the terminal equipment of the User for a certain period of time, set out in the parameters of cookies or until removing them by the User. 
  4. In numerous cases, software provided for browsing of the webpages (browser) accepts by default storage of cookies in the terminal equipment of the User. At any time Website’s Users may make amendments  to the settings of cookies. These settings may be changed particularly in a way to block cookies handling  automatically in the browser’s settings, or notify each time they have been placed in the terminal equipment of the Website’s User. Detailed information on alternatives and handling methods of cookies are available in the software settings (of the browser).
  5. The Website’s Operator hereby informs that limitations in applying of cookies may affect some functionalities available on the  Website’s webpages.
  6. Cookies placed in the terminal equipment of the Website’s User may also be used by advertisers and partners collaborating with the Website’s Operator.
  7. More information on cookies are available in section “Help”, to be found in the browser’s menu.

Moreover, the Foundation  hereby informs that the Website contains references/ links to other websites. The Foundation shall bear no responsibility for principles regarding confidentiality applied thereon.