December 2014 - CHRISTMAS TIME :)

December is a month of pre-Christmas preparations. Our assistance was addressed to those individuals we had already helped earlier this year, those we aid periodically as well as totally new families. Each of the families received food, home care products and loads of sweets:), and over 30 children obtained gifts they dreamed of :)

CHRISTMAS FAIR for the employees of FORMIKA

On December 12, 2014 it was organized a Christmas Eve party for the staff held in the FORMIKA headquarters. We arranged the Christmas Fair with various Christmas decorations and gadgets enclosing the logo of the Foundation. We would like to say many thanks to all the employees for such a warm-hearted reception, large commitment and support for our actions. We will surely continue with this tradition the next year!  



Our aid was directed to low-income large families from Klembów district ( as Ostrówek, Tuł, Karolew, Klembów). We provided them with long-term expiry date food and cleaning items, household items as new towels and bedclothes. Children received neccesary school supplies, new winter clothes and shoes. We also delivered the fuel supply for the wintertime  to many families.

All face to face meetings with these families were very touching for us. We know it’s not simple to cope with everyday needs. Especially when you have four, five or event seven kids. Kids, who usually have only one parent.

This region will be supported by our foundation in 2015. We know it’s worth helping! Please see our photos.







November 2014 - June 2015 - ENGLISH FOR CHILDREN

Our new aid project, that we are currently carrying out, includes financing of extra classes for children from the Klembów commune. Since November 23 children from primary schools and middle schools learn English in the 'Cooler, Better " Creative Workshop, 
in Ostrówek and in the Community Cultural Center in Klembów. Moreover, several children attends very attractive “Crazy Scientist Club” courses. The Foundation will certainly conduct this project until the end of 2014/2105 school year. Do the children like these classes – see it in the attached picture:)


We started with our new project “Lunches for children from polish schools” . We have been financing school lunches for kids from the poorest families in Bieszczady region. Most of families living in this region suffer from the problem of poverty and  unemployment ( which is 23%)

Two of primary schools in Ropienka and in Wojtkowa have joined to the project. Thanks to our support thirty eight of children have hot meal each day!