In July we gave funds for an integration camp based in Mazury Lake District  addressed to 30 children
from „Schowek” community center  Ząbki, to cover their survival training. Over the course of these workshops, it could be clearly seen how children opened themselves up to tackle fears and difficulties. In addition, it could be observed how every success made them happy and how they became closer to each other throughout the team competition. Each overcoming of one’s own weaknesses fructified with rising of self-esteem and real satisfaction and belief that it was worth trying, even if something has been hard to reach. These were not only 4-day outdoor classes for fun, yet an opportunity to build up and strengthen children, who were not successful at school. Another attraction we subsidized was motor boat rides and yacht sailing. For young people from dysfunctional, poor families, facing up additions of their close persons, this was a chance to see a different world!